Chiropractic Care for Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Can Throw You Off Your Game in Sewell, NJ

If swinging a tennis racket rewards you with pain in the arm instead of points on the scoreboard these days, you may have given yourself a case of lateral epicondylitis, better known as tennis elbow. This tendon problem can get progressively worse without treatment, especially if an underlying spinal misalignment is either mimicking the symptoms of tennis elbow or making you more prone to the real thing. Our chiropractor at Eulo Chiropractic Center in Sewell, NJ, Dr. Christopher Eulo, can use spinal adjustments and other natural treatment methods to help those painful tissues heal and improve your biomechanics going forward.

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow doesn't just affect tennis players -- in fact, it's even more common in people who perform constant, repetitive gripping motions, from tool use, to playing musical instruments, especially if they're not conditioned to such activities. The problem afflicts the lateral epicondyle, the tendon that attaches forearm muscles to the bony bump alongside the outside of the elbow. Constant repetitive stress on this tendon causes the tendon's cells to produce scar tissue. This chronic condition is called tendonosis. (If acute damage to the tendon causes inflammation, then you've given yourself tendonitis.) 

How can a spinal misalignment contribute to your pain? If your musculoskeletal balance is off kilter due to a subluxation, your entire's body's biomechanics (and thus your sports technique) may be negatively affected. This could cause your racket elbow to assume more stress than it otherwise might. Some cases of "tennis elbow" aren't really tennis elbow at all -- they're actually a condition called cervical radiculopathy. A pinched nerve root in the cervical spine can refer pain to the elbow that closely resembles tendonosis.

Our Sewell Chiropractor Treats Tennis Elbow

If you want to defeat your tennis elbow symptoms, visit Eulo Chiropractic Center. Our Sewell chiropractor will not only x-ray the elbow to rule out other injuries or health conditions, but he will also analyze your spinal alignment to detect any signs of subluxations or pinched nerves that need to be addressed. If a spinal problem exists, you may receive chiropractic adjustments to relieve nerve pressure and put your spine back in balance. These treatments can relieve neurological symptoms while also improving body's overall function.

Our Sewell chiropractor can also prescribe active rehabilitation exercises for relieving and healing your soft tissue pain. This natural, drug-free form of care loosens the muscles, helping them flush put pain-causing substances, and helps boost the flow of blood, oxygen and healing nutrients to the area. 

Tennis elbow is your body's warning that you need to stop hurting yourself and seek treatment. Heed that warning by calling Eulo Chiropractic Center at 856-269-4567. We can help put you back on top of your game!


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    Great people -- friendly, caring, knowledgeable and accommodating. Doc Eulo and his staff do the job with the utmost of attention to patient needs and concerns. The range of services offered by this practice is considerable, including things beyond the ordinary chiropractics such as orthotic appliances with professional evaluation and fitting, dietary evaluations and supplements, and USDOT Physical Examinations for drivers of commercial motor vehicles.

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    Doc Eulo is nothing short of amazing. The staff is excellent. I said the same thing about them 21 years ago when I first starting going to Dr. Eulo. Back then he took care of me and my aching back when I was pregnant, and even adjusted my newborn!

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    Dr. Eulo is awesome, he worked on my aches and pains in my back and upper legs by exercising and massaging them within a 6 month period 3 times a week I can truly say I am pain free, his caring and kindness helps too. I was able to connect not also with him by with his family too, they treated me with loving kindness, I will never forget him and will recommend him to anyone who needs a good Doctor.

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    Dr Eulo is the best of the best and he is the coolest doctor that I know. August 2015 I was involved in a car accident, someone referred him to me, the first day I walked into his office I was in so much pain from my head to toe, I was a mess, three times a week for 6 months he was working on my aches and pains and I am here to tell you I'm pain free. Every time I walked in his office he put on my R & B Oldies did I say he was the coolest yes I did, he makes you feel very comfortable like one o

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    Went to Dr. Eulo for treatment from an auto accident. The Dr. and his staff are very professional and makes your visit very pleasant. His knowledge and practice helped me very much with my injuries and I'm glad I chose Dr. Eulo as my chiropractor. If you're looking for a chiropractor, Eulo Chiropractic Center is the place to go!

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    It is always a pleasure to go see Dr. Eulo. He is a very positive, caring and knowledgeable doctor. You will always leave his office with a smile on your face. His office is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Eulo has successfully treated me for a frozen shoulder when an orthopedic surgeon thought that I would need surgery. My shoulder is fine now thanks to Dr. Eulo. He has also treated me for severe back spasms when I could hardly walk. Within a few days of treatment

    - Carol S.

    Dr. Eulo's treatments for my neck and back pain have been super helpful. He gives a thorough adjustment of neck, back and all joints and follows it up by a nice, relaxing massage bed. I leave the office feeling restored and like my body is back in it's best working condition. The office is neat and professional and Dr. Eulo is very down to earth, spends time with me and truly cares about my overall health. I've been to many chiropractors over many years, so I know a good chiropractor when I see

    - KellySue F.

    Dr. Eulo is the BEST chiropractor, hands down. The staff is friendly, the office is always clean, and Dr. Eulo is the nicest doctor. I have anxiety when it comes to doctors and going for "check ups" but Dr. Eulo makes me feel comfortable. I wish he could be my doctor for everything! I would recommend Dr. Eulo in a heart beat.

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